Skull 3D model - engraved face

I used Inkscape to import this from Thingaverse here and made the Inkscape 20" wide x 12" This has the adorable embellishments. The slots are almost perfect for the proofgrade maple heavy, I needed to slightly sand or scrape some slots… just a tiny bit.


Your thingiverse link gives me a 404. Is this the thing?

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That’s it. Maybe the s in https? I want to give full attribution. It’s a beautiful bit of work. The main reason I am trying to share two versions is his file is not optimized for GF (20x12) and for some reason he has 3 versions of the face tiles, so it waste wood and makes it take 45 mins. I made a non engraved layout that cuts in a few mins and an engraving one that is pretty quick.

I can’t seem to share the SVG files, not sure why.


zip your SVG ( it often works without zipping but zipping is safer) and then just drag it over your open post. Discourse takes some getting used to.


It’s there. SVG files are images. You can see the tiniest speck right below the sentence. (The forums rendered it like a 5x10 pixel preview) Right click and you can save it.


It’s there. Just manually edit the link code and add a 0 or two to the dimensions shown. Right now it’s teeny tiny.

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