Skydio2 Drone - I couldn't resist

Oooh… hello there, Skydio2…

I’m not a drone person by any means, but with my home built electric car project at the front of my brain near continuously, and now that it’s time to start road testing, the first thing that came to mind when I saw Skydio2 was being able to get test footage of the car from outside of the cabin instead of suction cupping GoPro’s everywhere. :slight_smile:

This seemed like it was just too cool so I jumped on the first production batch due out by the holidays.


Whoa! I can see this used by spies! (It probably already is!) Can you tell I like James Bond movies?? :smile:


I for one welcome our new overlords.


First drone to give DJI a run for their money. I have 2 mavic’s, so adding this doesn’t make sense, but the tech is certainly a game changer!


Oh man - that’s just too cool
I mean, for things like they’re showing yes, but also for a runner or a hiker going alone and wanting to keep track! Or trying to track 1 person in a crowd - big swim, war reenactment, bicycle race. That’s just cool


The threat is real, that is why all RC {most} have been booted from military bases.

Around here two clubs have been left without flying fields because the FAA, the military, et al see all unpiloted craft the same.


I got one of the first DJI’s way cool But since the FAA setup no fly zones, there’s almost nowhere on the island I can legally fly it… Get a copy of the B4UFLY app to check…


A state of the art stabilized 4K camera - that flies!
Must… Restrain… Myself… :grimacing:


Yup, got my order in the first batch, they sold out in a day.
Next batch not till January 2020.
They better step up production.

I got an R/C model with a camera on it, only to realize that I never do anything interesting enough to get on video.

Someone should sell a drone that specializes in capturing video of a middle-aged guy sitting on his butt in front of a computer.


Look up. It’s there already. It’s called a “laptop”. Seems these “laptop” things have cameras embedded in the top of their screens.

(It’s a secret though. Not many know they’re really spy drones. :wink: They’re watching everyone!)


That app shows zero advisories in my area, even when I put the marker directly onto the municipal airport. shows all the airports, parks, schools, etc with advisories.

Got one on my iMac too. I feel sorry for the guy that has to spend hours looking through footage of me eating and picking my nose while at the computer.


I guess that’s better than the other way around — picking my nose and eating.


I have not been paying attention.
Who is ahead?
The lizards or the alien bugs?


Can that drone fly around inside the glowforge while it is going? Maybe it could adjust my material after I push the pause button so I don’t have to open the lid and cancel the print.


Oh yes, you definitely need one. Heck, I want one and certainly have no use for it. It’s scary cool.

In total agreement with the cool factor.

Automatically following people around is the scariest thing yet.

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This does seem pretty cool…

So did the Lily.

So did the Karma.

So did the Iris.

I mean each new contender might be the one, but this one is promising a lot for its price point. I’m a skeptic… but I’m still considering it. It seems that I’m a sucker for new technologies that might really be two years of waiting away, if ever.


but you have experience with that - that totally puts you ahead of the curve, right?!?

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Having pre-ordered or crowdfunded a bunch of exciting tech products, I’m pretty shy about that now. I’ve had a lot of stuff underdeliver (i.e., not really work), deliver years late (after the tech is cheaper and commonly available in all competitors’ products), never deliver, be available much cheaper immediately after delivering, become useless when the company goes under two years later, etc.

In one spectacular fail, one company sold me based on video footage of prototypes that turned out to have been entirely faked. They threw up their hands and, walked away after spending everyone’s money.

Most were from companies or individuals with proven track records related to the things they were trying to build. Most were “all finished except for final manufacturing.”

If production units of your ground-breaking product aren’t in the hands of unbiased, independent reviewers, it’s fiction to me.

I can think of one thing like that I preordered that worked out well and, even that was delivered much later than the original estimate.