SKYFORGE - GF basic - The first couple days

My 'forge arrived last week, and I’m just diving into working with it. My proofgrade draftboard shipment is lost somewhere in Chicago UPS so in the meantime I’ve been working with other cheap materials to experiment on :slight_smile: (and a little bit of the starter kit…)
Not a lot of novel stuff, but I wanted to show of some of what I’ve been cooking up!


X-wing drawing from a CAD file I made for another project. Proofgrade Medium Maple & Default settings.

Not my artwork, engrave onto IKEA hot-pad. Used 85/1000 but probably could be 55/1000, ended up a little dark in dense places.

“Tree from popular fantasy franchise” on IKEA hot-pad. 85/1000 settings

And now my favorite:

Dad makes/designs paper snowflakes, this is one of my favorites, now immortalized in slate.


All looking great! :grinning:

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That slate IS lovely :slight_smile:

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Oooh, that slate is my favorite!

Congratulations and happy forging :slight_smile:

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It really is!

Favorite material so far. This piece was from Target, I also have some samples from Crate & Barrel, all around ~$10.


Awesome first projects! My forge family just took a trip to Ikea and came back with a bunch of cork trivets. Thanks for posting your settings…they look great!


Love it! I’ve got a big stack of those cork trivets I’ve been saving since ordering my GF! Now to track down some of that slate.

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I’ve had good luck with these at about $4 each from Amazon. They have thin rubber feet on them. Great for small cheese serving boards or plaques. I replaced the feet with thicker cork to raise it up so it should be able to be used as a trivet. Lots of friends and family will be getting these this Christmas.


Did you use masking on the slate?:grinning:


The slate looks fantastic!!

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I love the irony of a snowflake, something fleeting, being engraved on stone locking it in forever! Beautiful design :slight_smile:


No masking used!


I’m with you…that slate piece is my favorite as well! Great work, all around!

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Beautiful work!

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Slate: looks great and would be an excellent image of some type of reactor in a science fiction scene.Just looks cool. Thanks for sharing.

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I’m really digging the slate and thanks for the link.