Skype conference call bingo


Monday I got my gf
Tuesday a co worker sends a picture of conference bingo he did on a white board (it’s a running joke as we take a ton of calls on skype.

I said I has laser now let’s see what I can do with this.

Opt time 1:20
Pg maple ply 1/8

The SVG is not perfect, each box is individual means double the cuts for the tiles (I don’t know how to fix)
greens, are cut
black, engrave
red engrave
purple score
teal cork cut

Bingo SVG


OMG i lOVE this, I’m about to pee my pants. Every conference call with my former employer ever.


Turned out great! :grinning:


Yeah, you could call this “Conference Call Bingo” and it would still be 100% accurate.


We’ll need to setup a league. I’ll bet aerospace wins! :slight_smile:



Thats hilarious


Awe… SOME!
Must run off a set before Monday’s conference call!


Doable but a pain in the dirty way I just thought.

Create one large square say 6". Then create a 1" square. Using snap-to or grid lines or plain rulers, line the first to a corner of your choice then skip an inch and place the second square down. Repeat. Now move over to the next(row or column depending on which direction you choose to go). Place the 1"square along the skipped areas of the previous line. Repeat the process to fill the grid in this manner.
When you’re done, you could either cut as is and only have…12 double lines instead of all of them or you could delete the original 6"square and add little lines to fill the blanks around the edges.


Having worked as a Skype for Business implementor for various companies, I might just have to make a few of these for all new clients as a thank-you gift. :+1:


This reminds me of my favorite twitter thread ever

It’s hard to read because twitter is twitter, but it goes on for pages.


This is a classic!


So painfully accurate! Never skyped but works equally well for conference calls.


Loved it! So I watched their Email In Real Life as well. Priceless!


Hah! Almost all of those sound so familiar. I work at a University and our sister campus has adopted Skype. Calls with them are painful! :slight_smile: