Slab Wood Serving Tray


Been a long time since I’ve posted, and lots has been going on up here. We are recovering from the 7.0 earthquake that hit Alaska last Friday. Minor damage to our house, and the kids’ school has been closed due to damage, but there was not one death and very little injuries. We are lucky! Anyway… my Dad made this serving tray for my sister and asked me to “make it pretty”. They are a big WSU family, so here’s to all her future parties. The tray has small holes to hold appetizer sticks at an appropriate angle. Apparently, that’s a thing. I masked the front, and should have masked the back. Live and learn.


Looks great! (And I’m glad you didn’t sustain serious damage! I saw some photos of a couple of roads that got reduced to chasm filled rubble and it gave me a serious case of the willies!) :confused:


Thanks! Yes, lots of impressive damage, but it’s amazing how quickly people are taking care of it all. It was scary, and we’ve had so many aftershocks that we are all on pins and needles. It was a nice diversion to work on a little project, and one I hope she enjoys.


Looks great. Hope things get back to normal for you soon.


Especially like the mountain scene! Did you design it?

The only improvement for the WSU engraving would be to ad “Coug’in It” under WSU! :slight_smile:


Yes, I designed my Dad’s mountain scene. And, yes, she’s probably going ask where “GO Cougs” is!


Nice gift!


Lovely job! Stay safe!


Your siste is going to love it!