Slack for Glowforge

I found this buried in another post and wanted to share. There is a great Glowforge group on Slack. It’s free and I was able to get some quick help with a problem I was having. Much faster than the forum. (Even though the forum is awesome!)

Right now there are 139 people in the channel. Come on over :slight_smile:


Sounds like a fun place, but would rather limit focus some. One place for Glowforge stuff is plenty.
Besides, got more than enough various sites that need pswd, logs, etc without adding another.


I tried to do that, but it looks like you need to be invited to join the Slack group,

Any idea on how to get an invite?

I don’t know if this will work for multiples…

So is slack like a large scrolling chat? How do you catch up?

I don’t think you ‘catch up’… it’s more like a workplace chat, easy to do PMs or in context sidebars which others can read too. The idea is a nonpermanent forum for quick communication.

Quick questions work nicely in there if there is no need for ‘documentation’. It generally feels easier to talk in there than on discourse imo. But then again I’m from oldschool IRC so it feels like my first days of the internet.

Edit: Note that this Slack instance isn’t paid, so i think we only get up to 10,000 lines saved.

Thanks it worked.

I tried to join, but it keeps wanting me to create an account. The problem is that I already have a Slack account for another project, so I can never get past the sign in page.

Finally got it to work, what a weird, obtuse user interface.

that it is, i vaguely remember something about setting up multiple slack ‘groups’. It isn’t intuitive at all to log into multiple groups.

If you use the app (vice the web interface) you can see multiple groups.

Generally you need to setup a new account for each of new Slack team you join.

P.S. Full disclosure: I work at Slack.


That sounds like a REALLY poor design decision to me, as most people like to use just one email address for things like this.

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We use Slack at Glowforge - thanks for the great product!

You can still use one email address when you sign up, but for various security, product and other reasons decision was made to have separate accounts for each team. Sorry I know this is inconvenient if you are on multiple teams.

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Thanks Dan, likewise - thanks for the great product!

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