Slate Coasters and a box joint holder made from maple proof grade plywood..... :)


Lovely work!

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I gave a set to my neighbor for Christmas. Her brother who was visiting for the holidays immediately asked to buy a set of 6ā€¦ and, well, here you go. :grin:


Love that you engraved the bottom of the box. These are lovely.


Awesome combination. We have some slate serving pieces Iā€™d like to try this on.

do you have the .svg file for this? Also what settings do you use for the slate coasters?

I just use ( to generate the boxes. I usually use per 30 and 170LPI for most graphics. Seems to work well. Play around with the setting to see what you like.

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thanks, forgot to ask what kind of glue do you use?

Beautiful work

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I generally use cyanoacrylate (Gel CA Glue) for the small projects like that one.

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