Slate coasters

Our neighbor has been a huge help to us since we moved in last year, so I wanted to give him something unique he could use. He’s a big road time trail cyclist so I thought it would be neat to find some blueprint designs involving bikes. All of them I found were extremely detailed so, I tried removing and rearranging some things in AI. They are still extremely detailed so some things just lost in the etch, but I think they still turned out nicely.


Only you know what they looked like before the etch :slight_smile:

The rest of us just see the results and they’re pretty top-notch.


They look good. Slate is a good color for the blueprints! :grinning::+1:

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Those look great. I have to find some slate now. :grinning:

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I stumbled across these:

This brand had many options for sizes, shapes, and quantity.


Good price I will order some. Thank you

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I read the reviews too, and heed the warning about the round coasters scratching surfaces if you use the stand, because the edges do gouge.

Will keep that in mind. Thanks again.

Hello, I was considering making coasters using the same material. Did you prep it with anything besides using tape? Thanks!

I just went as is.

You really don’t have to mask slate… since it doesn’t burn and any “laser residue” is dust and can be wiped off…

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Not with that attitude!