Slate Engraving Question

Hi All!

Do you all find it best to mask the slate coasters before engraving?



Masking is used to prevent the material from being charred by the laser. Engraving slate will not produce char, so no mask necessary.


Ditto on masking, though if your slate is untreated, rubbing some mineral oil or shellac can get you greater contrast when you engrave :slight_smile:


the problem I had with slate is there is so much variation in each tile. Lasering sometimes made it be dark, and sometimes made it be white. I was trying to make chess boards, and consistency of square colors is fairly crucial to a game of chess. It does produce tons of dust which reaks havoc on all fans, so make sure you clean all of them or the machine will heat up due to poor circulation. Then it will shut down, in the middle of your project, while it cools.

Fascinating, I haven’t done that much slate - but I’ve only ever had it turn white…and had so little dust as to be inconsequential. Are you sure what you were working on was slate?

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I did quite a bit of slate in the first few years with my GF and never saw anything but white, and likewise almost no dust. Puzzling…

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Same, only ever had slate coaster tiles turn white, of course, never tried anything as large as a chess board. I love how slate looks engraved.