Slate Is Back At Daiso

Sold as sushi plates, they’re just shy of 12”x4” and the usual Daiso $1.50 each, complete with rubber feet. Still no sign of the slate coasters they had last year though.


Those would be awesome to feed to the laser. Is dasio like a dollar store chain?

Exactly, it’s a Japanese dollar (fifty) store! There’s a lot of locations around the US :smile:

You can buy cases packs of some of their items online, looks like these plates are $10/case of 6.


Dang every time I’ve been they were out! Oh well, one day I’ll get lucky when I’m over there and be able to snag some. It’s more for the fun of doing slate than for anything else, so it’s not high in my to-do list.

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I still have some of these laying around that I never got around to lasering. However, I’m still waiting for Daiso to restock their thin elastic. I made the mistake of letting some mask makers know, and now Daiso has been out of stock for months. It was the only place around here that stocked 1/8" elastic.

The Monterey Park location had lots as of a few days ago. There was a whole mask making section where they gathered up the cut fabrics, elastic and sewing supplies.

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Oh, that’s nice. My local daiso is right next to a Joanns, and everyone and their cousin have a mask making business apparently. No fabric or elastic anywhere.

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