Slooooow GFUI

As a newbie here, just making sure I’m not overlooking something obvious, the GFUI is really slow and keeps locking up. I am attempting to cut a box. Not all items fit on the art board and as I attempted to drag the other items away, the software locks up or a best moves at a backwards snail’s pace. Could it be all of the new users on at the same time or is this how the GFUI usually functions? Or maybe I could do something different to speed things up?

Thanks for any assistance.


You’re only competing with other users when you upload/open a design and when you click print. Dragging stuff around will send autosave to the cloud, but that should be fairly asynchronous. The likely bottleneck is the JavaScript running in your browser. It uses a lot of memory and can bog down on a design with a lot of nodes especially if you’re running it on an older machine.


My computer is about 2 years old, I’m not sure if that is considered old or not by today’s standards. Would it be smart to disable Javascript? Or even a possibility? I’m clearly not a tech expert, but any suggestions you might have, would be appreciated. I have to try and reload the same file, several times, because as I try and move the pieces, even though I have the move tool selected, sometimes it’s acting as though I’m actually dragging the corners or sides and it is altering the shape. I’ve never had this issue in Illustrator or PS, etc. I am running on Chrome, which seems to be recommended for GF?

Thanks for your reply! Amy

Is this a really complex file with a lot of parts (like the one you were asking about where you had to move some of them off of the board?)?

If you have AI, set up a new blank file with an artboard that is exactly 12" x 20", and lay out only the parts that will fit comfortably on one sheet. Save it as part one, then make another one for the rest of the parts.

If the file is overloaded, it’s going to slow way down, and you don’t want to have to be moving things around anyway, it’s easier to place them close to each other in AI.

Should be new enough.

No. The whole app is Javascript. It won’t work at all if you disable Javascript.

You could upload your design here (best if you put it in a zip file) and we could take a look and see if there are ways to simplify it and still get what you want.

Do you have the same issues with a simpler design or the ones that they gave you?

Me too. I did have trouble with the Chrome version before the last update though so you might want to make sure it is current: click the vertical 3 dots on the upper right and choose Help then About which will take you to a tab that tells you whether you’re up to date or not.

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Yes this is the same tea box file. I will bring it into AI and create to file.

Thank you for your response!

Had to laugh at your answer. I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to disable Javascript.
The file was one I found on the forum for a Tea box. Even though it is a large box, it’s still just a box, with no detail, so being new, I didn’t realize that this would be challenging for the GF.
I did get a response from Jules to break it up into 2 artboards in AI, so I’m going to try that.
I’m also going to check for the Chrome updates as you suggested. Thanks so much for your help. My way too little bit of tech knowledge, is nothing but a dangerous thing!

Thanks for your help @Jules and @markwal!

@alindblade I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your file. Did these suggestions help? If not, would you mind sharing your file with me so I can provide more specific help? You can email it to me directly at if that’s more comfortable for you.

Yes, it did fix the problem. Thank you for your help! Amy

Thanks for your help @Jules and @markwal!
@alindblade I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other problems, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!