SLOW "Calculating your designs precise movements.." (problem)

Calculating my engrave and cut is taking way longer than it did in the past? Is this due to some issue within the GFUI?

It literally takes forever to do this calculation before starting the print!

I just updated to the newest AI. Maybe this could be something? Or is it the way that my design was made? Or is it the latest update with GF?

Nothing has changed in how your file is processed by GF to send to the machine.

Try a different design.

Due to larger engraves I often just go do something else while waiting for the calculating to finish.

I’m sorry that you ran into trouble while using the Glowforge App. Does the trouble occur with every design, or does it seem to only be related to specific designs? If it only happens with specific designs, may we have an example of one of the files to take a look at? You can share it here on the forum or, if you’d prefer, you can send it to us at and we’ll be happy to take a look!

Thanks everyone.

Ivan, I will send you the design via email!

I look forward to checking out the design and looking into this for you. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the file come through. Did you use a different email address to send it than the email you use to log into the forum? If so, you can include the phrase “Please send to Ivan’s attention” in either the subject line or the body of the email when you send the design to and our team will forward it to me.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you, so I’m going to close this post.

If you are still having trouble, please reach back out at or start a new thread. We’ll be happy to continue investigating.