Slow Design!

Hello! My husband and I have been having a lot of issues as of the past week with our Glowforge app. Everything is very laggy and slow. We ran a speed test on our computers (We tried my laptop and both of our tower computers) and the speed was still pretty fast (~500 download and ~450 upload). We go to even just move a design and it takes a few minutes just to move across the screen or uploading a design that is small. We have never had this issue before and not sure why it is happening now. Anybody else having this issue?

Whenever this happens, the suggestions are to clear your cache and/or use a different browser. This usually solves the problem.


FYI, the only time the system actually uses the internet is when you hit Print, or Refresh, or things like that. The designing is 100% local to your machine.

So, as @dklgood said, try a different browser or clear the cache on the one you’re using.