Slow Launch and "Could Not Complete Print" errors

Anyone else having issues with the start up functions suddenly taking orders of magnitude longer (like, as of this week)?

In addition to that I’m regularly getting the red stop square and “Could not complete print” when I click the “Print” button. Like it’s losing connection to the server or something (not stopping mid cut). Refreshing/rebooting/restarting the forge don’t seem to change things, and sometimes it’ll run for many cuts before it does it 5 or 6 times in a row.

It also goes “offline” when I open it between cuts, which didn’t happen in the past.

I mean… that’s weird. As with all weird things, it might be wifi. Have you tried rebooting your router yet?

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I haven’t. But nothing else on the wifi is having any problems.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this. You may be right, but consider that routers and WiFi issues in general are really fiddly. Always reboot your router if you get any weirdness, it costs you like two minutes and might solve your issues.


Will give it a try, can’t hurt!

Damn. Restarted router. Restarted firewall. No dice.

Watching it more carefully, it appears to be losing connection to the wireless randomly, for no reason. Nothing has changed on the wireless for months and months, so no idea why it’s being suddenly wonky.

Could be interference? Maybe a neighbor? Is your router getting a little older? Newer routers do some channel optimization and will hop channels if it finds too much noise.

Support would probably be the ones to ask to be sure, they have data about your signal.

Interference is my best guess. New router, we’re wondering if maybe the channel hopping may be causing the forge some problems itself.

Yeah, going to bring Support in on this.

Good luck, hopefully it’s something clear that they can point to.

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