Slow motion

When going onto everything loads right up. I can go into the shop or the catalog and it is smooth sailing. But as soon as I go to create something, or pick something from my dashboard, it takes a while to load and then when it does finally load. It takes forever to make anything. if you drag to highlight an object it takes 10 seconds before everything highlights and if you don’t wait for it all to highlight before dragging it you will only move parts of it. I thought maybe something was going on with my PC but all of the other websites run like normal.

Never mind. So apparently it is just one of my projects. all of the others work just fine. It is one of mine that I have made a whole lot of different versions [like 50] and have them drug off the side so I can just drag the one on that I want. Apparently it has to read all of them and it takes longer to do.


Good! Mine is working fine so glad it’s just ‘one’ of your files!


It’s good to hear you were successful in your trouble shooting. I wish everyone who posts a problem here would also post the solution they found. It would make our forum even better.


Yeah, I have a large very complicated file that loads and manipulates so slowly it feels like my computer is from the '80’s.

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Hello @s4mjohnson

I’m glad you got this figured out.

Since this is now resolved, I’m going to close this forum thread.

If you encounter any other trouble or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.