Slow upload/lagging


So I was supper exited to post about using the snapmarks for the first time when unfortunately I ran into a problem so I just want to ask if anyone else has run into this problem and if theres a solution to it.

So basically the Glowforge has gone super slow, I mean suuuuuper sloooow. Its taking good 15 mins to centre the Glowforge head or more, its taking half an hour to do the rest of the stuff, it took half an hour to scan a couple of snapmarks. it did make a thundering kind of noise for which I switched the Glowforge off. I did try restarting the Glowforge and my laptop a few times to resolve the lagging issue. I feel this may be due to me using the snap marks for the first time as before this, it hasn’t happened but not too sure are how can the icon or me using it have anything to do with the Glowforge starting up. Thankfully I finally got done that little bit I wanted but it took ages. My file was super small so that can’t be the problem and it was a straight forward one too.

Thanks for any help.

Since Snapmarks are still in beta, you will probably want to report that on the Beta thread here so they can take a look at it from that end…

Be sure to tag @bonny when you do.


Ok il inform them


Ive noticed a huge slowdown in performance in the gui too. I hope this isnt going the way that easel did.

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Thanks a lot for letting us know about this. I know this must be frustrating! I can see that you posted in the Snapmark beta thread already, but we’re seeing similar issues that aren’t exclusive to Snapmark. The team is looking into it now.


Ok, thanks. I did use the GF yesterday and I don’t think I had that problem. I may use snapmarks tomorrow or in a couple of days and check if its causing problems.

Thank you

I wanted to check in to see if you’re still seeing any trouble with this. If you haven’t had a chance yet, just let me know how it goes next time you’re able to try out a print using Snapmarks.

Thanks in advance!


Yeah I was going to say I haven’t had the chance to use the pass through and may take time.


I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. Once you have a chance to print again, go ahead and email us at with the results if you’re still having trouble.