Slower than usual?

Is it just me, or are the run-times from Glowforge getting slower?

With my designs, I track how long they take. (So I can plan for how long I’ll be lasering for the day.)
Designs that used to take 4-6 minutes are now taking 8-9 minutes.
The design hasn’t change. The material hasn’t changed. The quality of the final lasering doesn’t look any different, and I’m still using the PG settings for the materials. The only thing that has changed is the total time estimate.

Has anyone else noticed this? It’s just in the last few weeks.

I’m wondering if GlowForge is intentionally slowing down operating times since I’m not paying for premium?

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That’s not how it works.


It’s more than likely that if you are using default settings they may have lowered or changed the default settings for your patterns. Personally I’ve had very limited success being able to cut using the default settings so I have dialed in the settings manually for most of my patterns


No issue here.


I’ve never known GF to employ extortion in their business model. That would be far beneath the company behavior that has been on display for 7 years.

I’ve seen no change either.


Premium only helps from the time from when you hit the start button on the GFUI till the button lights up on the machine. And I cannot tell much if any difference there. I have noticed that the “travelling salesman” makes different choices each time when the cut is very complicated that can have some difference in the luck of the choices, but if anything the cut times have been faster over the years, and certainly more reliable as you have been around long enough to have experienced.


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