Sluggish response

For the last two days the website has been EXTREMELY SLOW. Is this going to continue? I am desperately trying to get custom orders done but its taking FOREVER to upload etc. I have 2 machines and i actually got so upset with service I just turned it off and walked away. This is extremely frustrating. There’s such a big push on these machines but it seems company can not keep up. Frustrated in Wisconsin

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What you are experiencing is usually an individual issue, not system wide. Clear your browser cache and/or open the app in a different browser.


It might also have to do with your specific files that you’re uploading. If you can share one here we might be able to take a look at it and see if it is the kind of file that will take a long time to process.


Another thing to take into consideration is are you on premium or are you on a basic account? Premium gets priority queue for sending jobs to the glowforge unit, where free can take a while based on experience.


Its not the files as some are from the site itself.

I have premium. It continually says this is taking longer to upload.

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I have tried that many times. No luck

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Have you tried doing it from your phone or an iPad or something of that nature?

Sadly there are no system wide issues (well, happily actually!)

You’re going to want to look more closely at what you’ve got going on in your shop.
If clearing the cache doesn’t help, try a completely different browser (or different computer).
Try to get the status from your ISP too!


Actually it’s just the file processing that’s faster with Premium – the time between when the server receives your file and sends it back to your machine. Sending / receiving times completely depend on your Internet connection and file size.