Small airplane from Premium catalog

I made the small airplane that is in the premium catalog. very cute. I would like to make it bigger but that will affect the slots for the wings and landing gear etc. I would also like to tighten those slots to exactly match my proof grade cherry material, it is a bit on the sloppy side and I have glued the one i did tonight. Would really like to know if there is a way to get an svg or ai file of this plane so i can tighten things up a bit on the slots?


Not possible with Catalog designs.


If you go into your user interface, you can ungroup the entire file (mine was already ungrouped when I opened it) and select the pieces you need to adjust. For example, I can select just the slot in the middle, using the measure tool on the bottom I can unlock the aspect ratio, and adjust accordingly.

You cannot have access to the file or download them because they are catalog files and Glowforge protects them, but the tools like group/ungroup in the interface make it very possible for you to adjust to your liking in there.


Thanks, will go try that. Grandson’s first flight was this year so i am making him an ornament with it and engraved my first plane ride and the year. the slots are just a bit loose for me.


bingo! thanks so much that will do the trick!


That is a neat way to design for wood thickness differences! Makes me want to check the file out just to see how you did it :sparkling_heart:


The plane is @aloha’s design.

But as it turns out, all the earrings I’ve made have inner cuts and outer cuts. So some people had issues with breakage, I’m guessing because of the differences in jump rings (mine are really thin and I designed my files to go with my thin jump rings).

So I try to walk them through how to make changes in the interface to widen the hole and give a little more thickness if they need it.

It’s worked out wonderfully. I’m very happy they added group and ungroup.


Thank you @CMadok :slight_smile: @65stang post a photo!!! I’d love to see how it turned out!!!


Good to know!



Wow! That came out great!!!

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