Small bookshelf


Made a small bookshelf out of pg cherry using the display shelf option on the site. The sides are 7 by 7 inches and 4 & 3/4 inches wide.
This is going on my desk at work to hold my excel books.


Gorgeous! (Much too nice for an office environment, where things can go bye-bye.) :smile:


Thanks! But maybe someone will want one for themselves and I can make it. :smiley:


That would make a good napkin holder as well. Nice job!


Oh, that is so true! Nice.


Wow, great idea! Turned out very nice!


Thanks! There is one flaw. The soft cover book corners are getting caught in the design. I kept the cut pieces so I’m going to make another in a different color and do the inlays in the different colors.


That’s a great idea!