Small, but mighty

When we moved, among other things I bought a new footstool. My grandson put it together for me and called attention to the fact that it was lacking covers for four very obvious and big screws. I vowed that I would ‘fix’ that as soon as I got my GF up and running again.
I couldn’t find my wood stain marking pens, so just used a brown sharpie to color them. Not perfect, but no one but the shadow knows, and better than before. (Did that date anyone out there? ha ha). Tapped them in with my rubber mallet.

Love stuff like this. It’s all in the details.


Very nice. Your eye will be drawn to it because you made but other people will not see it.


It’s a design detail, and gives the footstool a heightened elegance; and so practical!


Nice finish! Fun to whip out a project for your own appreciation. Well done.


“The shadow knows” That just brought back some memories! We used to listen to that on the radio in the tent when I was a kid camping. My mom used to put it on for my brother and I. I loved that radio show!

I might have to see if I can find it to listen to online somewhere.

And I love your practical cut!


Nice touch! I love the art I can do with the laser, but I get my biggest bang creating a solution to a problem. There’s a thrill when I realize “…I could do that…”


Great job. Gives it a nice finish.


:100: love that feeling.


Well, there was the bad movie in the 90s so not as badly dated for some of us, plus my dad used to buy cassette tapes from the magazine version of those people when a.m. radio stopped having rebroadcasts of a number of old shows.
So while not around by decades in age, I’ve heard lots of fibber McGee, great gildersleeve, shadow, Superman, jack benny, duffys tavern, and quite a few more that I don’t recall at the moment.


Back in grade school:

Music Teacher: They should really be called on-purpose-fuldentals. Why are they called “accidentals?” Who knows? Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Me: The Shadow knows!

Music Teacher:[Drops chalk, slowly turns around to pick out the one grinning face in a room full of bewildered children.] How … how do you know that?

Me: It was on a radio show!

(… that I listened to on one of the cassettes @wesleyjames mentioned.)


The tapes & books are coming with me to NC :smiley:

Lots of the old radio shows are available online so I listen to them that way now, but still can’t seem to let the cassettes go. They’ll go on a shelf in the new shop for my “odd stuff” display.


Where in NC? Just curious. Very familiar with the state…

One of the best restaurants on the planet is in Franklin, if you’re every over that way let me know. I’ve driven up and back from Atlanta just to eat there.


Sad to say, but I have a small drawer full of wood buttons (that cost pennies) to cover holes of various sizes from my pre-laser days, and yet I took an expensive laser to do the same as you did for an unsightly hole. And have done so more than once…

Not going to let logic prevent me from using my Forge. Heh heh.
That marker stain worked great.


Brevard. County seat of Transylvania County :slight_smile:

It’s about 40 min SW of Asheville, an hour 30 east of Franklin. 2hrs west of Charlotte. We’re right up against the SC state line (well, there is a “town” between us - Cedar Mountain - but that’s only about 3 buildings :slight_smile: )


Ha! You come up sometimes when I’m searching for stuff in Brevard county Florida where I live.


Ditto but the other direction. I always add “NC” to searches or the top results seem always to be in FL (bigger so more searches to drive the algorithms I expect).


Quite familiar with it. We’d ride thru on the way to looking glass falls, or when I take 64 back from Asheville. Some beautiful rides in that part of NC…


Yep. I’ve done a fair amount of motorcycle riding through here. That’s why we built here. We’re on a lake so my wife gets her water (otherwise we’d be at the coast and my motorcycles would be sad) while I get the mountain curves.

Really nice area - supposed to be 250 waterfalls in the county. Probably going to visit every one just because (OCD is just going to require me to verify that :slight_smile: ). Nice hiking in the Dupont, Nantahala, and Pisgah all just minutes away.


Brevard Co., FL, was what I thought too! I moved away in 2015 but got to see lots of NASA launches from my home there.


That is the point I think. People would certainly notice the big shiny screw sticking out, but the blended wood plug, not so much.

I recall the Shadow series and listened to many of them. Frequently noticing how they worked really well on radio, but would be really hard to put those stories on TV. Or even in books as the sounds were so much a part of the story.