Small GFUI Weirdness FYI

I needed some temporary squaring pieces for a frame I’m putting together, so I opened a new design and created a 6" square using the design tools, then added a line bisecting it diagonally. Then I selected both shapes and copied/pasted them. This created a third thumbnail-less object in the settings list on the left:

If I select a material, I can hover over the blank object, and then it turns out to be one of the squares.

So…the lack of thumbnail is weird, probably a bug? The fact that copy/pasting a square creates a second object while copy/pasting a line keeps the copy and original as one object seems inconsistent, not sure if that’s a bug or a “feature.” :wink:

Browser info:


I just had this too. (Around 10:25 pm.) I used the create outline tool on both of these and the thumbnail for the one on the left isn’t visible.

At about 10:44 I moved things around a bit and the thumbnail reappeared.


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Any of the features that can be structurally modified will create a new layer when copied. You can change the size of a line or circle but copy a square and it can become a rounded corner or even a star shape so each case gets its own layer.

If you copy an outline, the offset value can also be changed so that too gets its own layer. All these initially come in very tiny, but as soon as you do anything with them they pop out to the scale of the layer image.


Thank you for brining this to our attention! What @rbtdanforth shared regarding shapes which can be modified with things such as rounded corners is correct; when they’re copied and pasted it is expected that they will create another print step in the list.

I’ve taken detailed notes about the blank design step thumbnail that is being created and I’ll share them with our team. We’ll follow up here if we need additional information while we look into this.


Thanks again for your report, @geek2nurse! Ivan and I have been able to reproduce this behavior on our end, and the team is looking into it now. I apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime.