Small leak/moisture on the side after delivery

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone noticed a small amount of moisture on their unit after it was delivered. I searched for the same topic and found some people with the similar issue but mine is no where near as much leakage as theirs. I’d say 99% off my unit it dry. I only noticed a small amount (no more than a teaspoon of liquid) on the side if the machine and a small drip from the coolant tank (pictures below).

I was curious if I’m good to begin my set up or if I need it have it replaced like most people.

Im probably being paranoid, but I’d rather not set anything on fire. Lol

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Did it seem like plain water (possibly condensation) or did it seem oily or otherwise unwater-like?


Definitely not water. I think it’s from the coolant tank. I added pics


I’d fire it up if the tank looks full and you only have a little bit. Might be overflow from when they initially filled it.

It can’t be more broken than it is if it’s broken (because no matter what’s broken if it is it will be a return for replacement).


Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m sorry to hear your Glowforge arrived a little wet.

I see you’ve emailed us about this and I’ve followed up there with some more information, so I’m going to close this thread.