Small Treasure Chest

Here is a small treasure chest that I originally made for my wife’s birthday a year ago, I designed it to fit a CD inside (my wife is a Tom Petty Fan so I got her the American Treasure Album, fitting I know). Anyway, recently I modified it to add sort of a floral design on the side and I thought I’d share this fun to build chest with the community. There are two nest files to print, and I used 1/4” x 6” Aspen Poplar boards, you will also need some wood glue to glue the joints together and especially the curved top pieces, you want to make sure the hinged boards and the latch boards are glued tight, so a quick grip would be a good idea here as well. To make this design complete I added some antique bronze corners Antique Bronze Cornersand if you include these you might want to add some chair sliders to the bottom of the chest to keep from scratching up your dresser. You will also need 4X 1/4” x 1” screws and nuts to make connect the hinges and make the latch. If you want to modify the chest to suit a different style or application you can find a link to the model on Onshape here: Onshape - lockable boxes. I hope everyone enjoys this fun and simple design #Homemade and stay safe and keep creating. You can get the laser nest files here: Laser Nest Files and Photos

Oh, and one more thing, in all my nest files you’ll notice I have these little lines around the perimeter of parts, I always have these scored into the material first, this helps me line up the boards in the glowforge so if the score lines are off the part I can stop the print and re-align the boards especially at the seam in the middle. The blue line in the center you should set to ignore in the laser settings, again this is mostly for alignment, for Aspen Poplar, set your height to .26”, for cutting I use full power and a speed of 145, for engraving I find a speed 923 and 45% power work nice. Scoring I use a speed of 500 and a power of 40%. Have fun!


Nice gift for your wife!!! I’m sure she loved it!

Thank you for your share.

Thank you for the file. I’m sure your wife treasures her gift.

Wow, this is SO beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :heart:


Thanks for your generous share of a fun design!

Thanks for the file!!!

I’m currently making my daughter a chest to put her Disney jewelry and pins.


This chest is turning out nicely. I especially like the engraving that you chose. I am sure she will be very happy. :blush: