Small World. Geeking out

I’m a laser noob. I admit it. I’m drooling though.
Ok, so I work at Peninsular Mechanical down here in FL (Tampa Bay area) which is a mechanical (HVAC) contracting company. Earlier today the president asked me to do some spec and CAD drawings because we’re running running external exhaust for a ILS12.75 Laser Platform by Universal Laser systems (so cool, it’s huge and has a pass through too. weighs 430lbs and who knows how expensive it is - I’m scared to get a quote lol). So cool


I can find out for you I have a friend that works in upper level management for Universal. I believe he’s been with them since the late 80s. Certainly early 90s as I remember he gave us laser engraved groomsmen gifts at his wedding.

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ooh, yes please! I need to know just how much I cannot afford it lol - to ease the wanting

and there really is nothing cooler than lasered gifts

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Isn’t it annoying that the more expensive something is, the more they try to evade telling you the cost?!

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Oh, definitely. It gets on my nerves every time I have to “contact” someone for the price. I do understand why it’s done though. Company I used to work for manufactured fiberglass resin spray equipment and the bare materials fluctuated in price so often that they couldn’t come up with a good price margin

I think their simplest, cheapest, and most popular system stayed around 3-4k though

Sent him a message, I’ll let you know when and if he gives me a number

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sounds good, I’m really curious now :smiley:

for anyone that is curious, this is a preliminary idea of the rooftop exhaust fan that is going to be used

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If I remember correctly, there’s an old saying…‘if you have to ask how much something is, you can’t afford it’. Usually the truth. At least for me.


Thats a beast of a laser system!! My 2 lasers which are conciderably small in comparison (12×24" beds) run around 15k each…I’m guessing that one is closer to 30-40K. So dont screw it up…lmao

If you goto, there is a specs requirement listing for what exhaust configuration is needed…

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So, he wrote back. He didn’t indicate any of this was confidential and i made it clear that we were talking about it in the forum so I feal comfortable sharing :slight_smile here is a bit of th e conversation.
“When you get it I’ll fly out and train you (and evaluate it) if I haven’t already seen one.”

I can always get my hands on a used Universal at a great price but an ILS is in the $40-60K range retail. An average machine is about $20k and a new desktop unit starts about $10K.

Whatever you do - use it in your garage or vent to the outside or you will kill yourself. And keep a fire extinguisher handy - I’m not a fan of their plastic box."

So yeah, I won’t be getting one of those any time soon. …
On a side not he mentioned some interesting software he initiated development on. I’ll be thrilled to see him and hopefully get a copy of that software :innocent:

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LOL yeah just a tad out of my range… but the company we’re doing the small ventilation job for bought two of them oy.

yeah I have all the paperwork sitting in front of me cause the president was doing all of these calculations - all of a sudden I hear
"Josh, you see where there’s an exhaust outlet?"
“yeah, right there”
“very end”
“here, you take care of it”
“ooh, laser? ok”

edit: 1000 CFM at 6in of static pressure, split between two 4in ports. So were going to tie each of the 4 4in exhausts into a single ~6in duct per unit, and then tie those two ducts together into one ~8in duct, run that up to a skylight were going to convert into a roof pad for the exhaust fan and call it a day. thats the plan for now anyway


I have both my lasers come to a junction then converge into one pipe leading to the roof where the blower sits. All 4" piping. When you enlarge the diameter of the pipe, it seems you loose some of the suction…at least thats what my HVAC guy said…and the sliders to cut off air from the outside are a must…
Dont mind the munchkin in front of the lasers…lol


lol, yeah that was my impression as well (loss of suction when you increase the pipe diameter. however I am just the peon that does whatever the engineer suggests :wink: till I finish getting my degrees anyway lol

edit: I’ve been meaning to say that is such a cute picture. once I get the GF, I’ll have to take one with my daughter standing in front (significantly out of arms reach - she’s in the everything-is-a-drum-to-beat-on-and-or-knock-over stage… It’d be a miracle if I could convince her to have even one of her arms by her side at any given moment :stuck_out_tongue:)


In general, girls are easier than boys.
Don’t remember the artist, but he wrote a song for his daughter - “Butterfly Kisses and Hugs” that was a hit for him.
In an interview he was asked if he was going to write a song for his son. He paused and said yeah, called “Get Down off That”.

@smcgathyfay, if I may ask, where did you find the air gate?


I remember that song - My parents used to sing it to me all the time! Ahh, the soothing memories of being a difficult child


Oh I dont know about that…I’ve got a pretty strong willed daughter…lol

I got the air gates from my laser distributor Engravers Network.