Small World. Geeking out

Yeah, I’m absolutely positive that ours has inherited my (and her mothers, but you never heard me say that ;)) positively unshakable stubborn attitude. she has not even learned how to speak more than single two syllable words and yet she somehow manages to effectively convey how supremely irked she is by my abilities to move her away from things she should not touch. I have never had anyone hang their head in such an exasperatedly disgusted fashion at me before. I don’t know how much longer my poor soul can take her disapproval lol.
and she’s going to grow up knowing how to use a laser… oh lord

yes, I am guilty of quoting myself quoting starwars. I’m bored at work


Oh, I have one too! My mother called it “pig-headed”. … so I know where she got it!
Mine is 24 now, and that characteristic has served her well. She thinks for herself.

Hehehe, @dhanvinddvs you reminded me of my daughter before she learned to speak. You knew she wanted something in particular because she was so animated about it but couldn’t make us understand. She would try and try, and we kind of played charades trying to understand. She would turn red in the face from frustration and disgust at being unable to make herself understood - then bust out in tears.
You could see that little intellect stuck inside this little person who couldn’t communicate.


Mine is now 25…very accomplished for her age.
She started speaking in complete sentences at the age of 2…(and hasnt shut up since…lmao)


yes, it’s quite beautiful and frightening at the same time - beautiful because you’re just so darn proud of her, and terrifying because you’re pretty certain she’s already smarter than you are, but hasn’t quite figured out how to express it verbally yet.


lol :slight_smile: I am so looking forward to the day she has mastered the art of the silver tongue, and yet oh so fearful of the verbal lashings that I know will hurt so much[quote=“printolaser, post:2, topic:1711”]
humor … is your best weapon, or shield as the case may be.

so beautifully phrased I have to share it with the public @printolaser

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My sister became a vegetarian for seven years just to annoy my mother.


Wahhh, I have no tiny humans to pass along my love of lasers to :sob: Looks like I’ll just have to get family friend’s kids excited about them…I can already see the parents freaking out about all the “hazards” and “bad influences” muahaha


not an entirely bad idea - even for those of us with tiny humans :wink:
lasers are the new stranger danger