Smart Folder problems

Is anyone else having problems using the smart folders? I try to organize my files in my own made smart folders but they seem to jump into whatever folder they want every time I open the program. The only way I can find them is by name search which means I have to remember exactly what I named the file. Very annoying and not user friendly…

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They do stay in their auto assigned folders even if also added to a new folder, but I’ve never had issue with them removing themselves from one of my created folders.

Is it possible your sort is set to something unusual so the designs are there but filed way down or in the middle somewhere?


Yesterday I noticed that all kinds of things were put into my Print It Now folder that I didn’t put there. There are also things missing from that folder that I dragged into it and received the notification that they were successfully put there. When I removed the things that were added by the Dashboard, they came back - about 3 times. I haven’t noticed problems like this since the early days.

Edit to add - all folders, even the Glowforge created ones have the wrong things in them. Removing them from the folders works in the moment, but they come back.

There were some server problems on the 28th (Glowforge Status - Glowforge App service degradation), maybe that was related.

I don’t use folders a lot, but the impression I got when I played around with them was that the actual moving happens in the background and it might take some time between when you move it on your screen and when the server actually makes the change. E.g. if I drag something into a folder and then quickly leave the page, it might not actually have committed the move. If there was a slowdown on the server, it’s possible that some changes people made two days ago didn’t actually take effect.

Total speculation there, so I could be completely off base.


I have seen some such issues where the folders get “confused” for a bit but if I leave and come back later they are correct. Sometimes it shows only two to a row and other times six or more, the two-to-a-row happens a lot.

When placing a new design in their category, it is not uncommon to go to the one above or below. I always double-check after a few minutes.

For the most part, I see these things as petty annoyances caused by software glitches that have not as yet lost information that I expect will improve over time. Unlike most things you buy everything software has improved over time and I just expect this will too. I do not use any of the automatic system, but built on a different paradigm that makes more sense to me.

I’m having similar issues. I tried creating a separate folder for different classes I’m teaching, but the dumb smart folders keep adding files I don’t want into the folders! WHY do they have to be “smart” folders?!?! Please for the love of all that is making, just regular simple folders!!

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One thing I am seeing is that when I change folders I get the previous folder. So if you click on the folder you are in it becomes the previous folder that you wanted in the first place.

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