Smash Bros. Photo Frame

So, when I showed my son the Farmhouse Door photo frame that I made for his Gram, with a photo of him in it, he was really impressed and wanted me to make one for him. When I asked him what theme (I was expecting Mario, Plants versus Zombies, Minecraft, something specific), he threw out Super Smash Bros. Which, to me, beyond the logo, doesn’t really have much of a “theme” since it’s the proverbial melting pot of Nintendo and includes everything and anything.

So I settled on re-purposing the frame I used for the Star Trek box in to a more futuristic type door with a sliding bar latch instead of a tilting one, and put a Smash Ball on it for the “foot.” Yes, the Smash Ball is really the only thing that makes this Smash Bros. themed, but it’s recognizable from the game enough that it’ll suffice for the need.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


I’m sure he was thrilled!


Ha! That is most excellent! I can think of at least one ‘battle zone’ where the scifi door definitely fits. Great job!

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I’m sure he will love it!

Always enjoy your designs! Keep 'em coming!