Smile Stamp

Made a polymer “Smile” stamp at my sister’s request, for her card making. Samantha Upright Font - Bold.


Very nice - brought a smile to my face! :smiley:


Nice!! I am a stamp maker myself. This one is fun! I like that you used the polymer. I’ve had some sitting in my laser materials pile for over a year, and still have not tried it. :roll_eyes: Time to look up some settings and give it a go.

Thanks for sharing your fun stamp and for inspiration to try something new.

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@arh2 That is why my sister wanted it. To make others smile with a card, and herself when she uses it.

@rebecca I really like polymer stamp material. Pricey, but I use a Misti for card making, and clear is my preferred for that. Of course, I haven’t made myself a stamp yet!


Another MISTI user here! You really ought to make some stamps for yourself—you deserve it! And this one came out great.


When I started making cards, I thought the Misti was an expensive tool. It is my favorite tool! Yes, I do need to make myself some stamps. :slight_smile:

On the mention of the Misti by @ptodd and @cynd11, I ordered a Misti. Okay, total game changer. I had no idea how helpful it could be!! Thanks for the tip!!

Now I am off to make my first polymer stamp.


Ohhhhh wonderful! Very happy for you! It really is hard to know how helpful it is until you use it the first few times.