Smoke Issues

I am have major issues with smoke. I have had my machine for 1.5 years and I maintain a very good PM schedule. I figured the smoke was due to dirty fans so here is what I have done:

  1. Cleaned the air assist
  2. Cleaned the small fan on the laser head
  3. Cleaned the fan at the honeycomb
  4. Cleaned the honeycomb
  5. Cleaned the AC fan
  6. made sure that there is no obstruction under the right corner
  7. checked all seals on hoses, the window, and along the machine

the air assist fan got all caked up again within literally 3 or so days. I cleaned it again today. I am still getting smoke. I have been emailing support but they seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet because noone is responding back. What else can I check???

The first thing I would do is check the air flow outside. To do this I would use the cleaning app you use when spraying the degreaser. Turn the fan on, walk out to your exhaust area outside and see what the airflow is like. If it is low, you might need to clean the venting tubes or hoses.

Second, I highly recommend an external fan. Are you using just the built in fan?

They are probably trying to get all your emails and this post down to a single support ticket as each email (That is not a reply to their reply) and post in this section creates a new support ticket.

I did check the air flow outside. I am getting good air flow. inside the air is moving to the door first then turning to go toward the back so I know the air assist is still good. I have replaced the tubes today and shortened the length from the machine to the window to make sure I have the fewest bends possible. I do have an external fan. I have cleaned that fan as well. I bought an air purifier today hoping I can at least breathe somewhat decent for the next few days as I get through these last orders.

well maybe if they would actually reply to an email within a reasonable amount of time then people would not keep emailing them back. In the forum support it says if you dont hear back to reply to the email they sent. If they dont want you actually doing that because it creates a backlog, then they should not tell us to do it. I am pretty frustrated. Love my machine and sure would like to get this resolved rather than sit and wait and wait for the experts to help.

It’s not safe to operate the machine if you are getting a lot of smoke escaping into the room with you.

(The smoke generated during combustion is not safe to breathe without adequate ventilation. If your exhaust setup isn’t working properly…don’t run the machine.)

Can you see visible smoke escaping? Or are you just smelling it strongly at times other than when you open the lid?

Did you try removing the hose completely and taking it outside to check to see if it is clogged up? If you’re seeing that much particulate from whatever you’ve been cutting, you might have a clogged hose. Check the outlet port as well as any blast gates. Make sure those are clear too. (We had one guy that had a rat build a nest in his hose.)


I can see small streams of smoke when the machine goes into cut mode. I am getting good air flow out the window. I have double checked this and triple checked. The air assist fan seems to be getting clogged quickly so I am watching that the air movement pushes toward the door then out. I switched out the hoses today. I do have clear hoses so I can see in them pretty well. I am at wits end.

Did you get the exhaust fan from inside the case and from the backside(see also the exhaust grill) where the hose connects?

I did push a small brush through the honeycomb holes on the exhaust outlet and I cleaned that fan from the front side and the best I could from the back side. I wish there was an easy way to remove it to clean it better.

Okay. That was my only thought.

…lol…well, there is…it just won’t go back in when you’re done and the repair and warranty people will love you for it. A few people have…helped clear the issue permanently with oscillating tools and grinders. Recommend waiting for warranty to be out before thinking about it though.

Also make sure you’re never going to want to send it in for repairs when it’s out of warranty, as you may not be able to after you’ve modified it.

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Is the exhaust fan definitely running? Could you have accidentally switched it to “Glowforge filter attached” mode in the interface?

Well, they did say they have an external fan so depending on how strong it is it may need to be off.

What’s the CFM rating for the external fan? The internal exhaust fan is 200CFM. Your external needs to be very close to that or higher. If it’s a lot higher, you may want to have the internal one off.
(Dum-dum question- is the external fan facing the right direction? I’ve done some pretty dum-dum things on install sites with components and wiring so I figure it’s worth it to ask)


Hello @m.andrea.hall, I see you’ve already emailed us about this and we’re working with you there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this topic.