Smoke wood color

Has anyone tried this

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Huh interesting. They’re not cheap but that’s a cool idea.

Looks like it would be almost impossible to do with the current setup. You need to etch, then clean, then squeegee the color into the pattern, then re-etch over the intended area. Pretty tough to do without moving just a little.

I don’t think so. I think you just engrave or score, sprinkle the stuff on there, then make high speed low power passes over the whole workpiece. At the end, you sand the whole fave and are left with color only where the original engraved areas were.

I haven’t tried it but I think that is how it is supposed to work based on some other stuff I have read, and some wood epoxy filling I have tried in the past.


that’s exactly what a jig is for.

btw, what does “one years supply with normal use” mean?

Good luck finding something in the machine to mount a jig to without drilling holes through the bottom. Using jigs now for positioning of multiple pieces during a session but wouldn’t trust any of them for better than about 0.04" between sessions. Can’t find repeatability with the crumb tray or front door.

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How about some strong magnets to hold the jig and perhaps the work piece as well.

Will the air assist blow the un-lasered powder all over the place?

Yeah, I bet no alignment survives recalibration. No telling how far off it’d be after a power cycle.