Smoooooth finish technique

While making the planters for our holiday gifts I learned a neat trick: When painting PG draft board or lumberyard MDF the surface sort of fuzzes and isn’t a lovely tactile experience. I was cutting interior paint (2 water: 1 paint ratio) for the visual effect but hated the feel. By using baking parchment to buff each piece I got a smooth matte finish that looks and feels pleasing.

Hope this tip helps save y’all some time. Happy Making in 2019! -Bride of Simeon


Interesting approach! I found a reasonable solution using a quick rub of a sanding block before and between coats of spray paint. It smooths out the raised bits of fiber and gives a nice tactile feel, though you can still see the “dents”. I like the idea of a matte finish and will have to try this next time it fits the project.



What a unique idea! Are you buffing before or after painting?

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Buffing after painting; just taking a wad of parchment and using a hand sanding swirly motion.


Thanks! I need all the painting tips I can get.

Thanks for the tip. Your planter looks great.

Wow … nice tip! I always done what @redshift responded with … sand / paint / sand.

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