Smudges when engraving acrylic

I’m engraving 1/8 in. Acrylic to put on to a led lamp. The engraving went well, but there was smudges that I was not able to take off. I’m new to growforge and looking for the perfect settings. I want it to lightly engrave and not have it go too deep.


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Is this Proofgrade acrylic? It looks like it was engraved without masking on and the fumes from the air assist carried affected the surface.

One way to do this is use a lighter power and faster speed. Use two passes and defocus the beam. The residue can be less. Best is to have a paper masking on though.

I have some acrylic that came with a plastic masking. I remove that and put over some wide masking that I have on hand.

You can polish the surface though too. Just search for acrylic polish.


I think I remember someone saying you could polish that out with toothpaste. (Probably the non-gel kind.)


NOVUS polish for acrylics if washing with warm soapy water does not remove them.


thanks for the reply! I did it again with the plastic masking on and it came out great! I now want to learn how to cut the shape of the circle and add lines that will make it fit directly on to the led base

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That was me. :wink: And yes, the non-gel kind.

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Actually I use the cheap little sample sizes they give you when you’re in the hospital – I figure it’s probably more abrasive than the name brands you buy for home use, but that’s just a theory. (Unfortunately I have plenty of them around, due to our advancing age.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: