Snap and Store Box joints are loose


I’ve been enjoying learning how to use my GlowForge with the three starter projects. I made the “Snap and Store Box” but found the joints are loose… I can actually remove the pieces from the tabs and it has some side to side wobble. I used the proofgrade medium basswood plywood.

What could be the cause of this? Could it be that the design only works with certain plywoods due to different kerf sizes?


I have made lots of these boxes and not experienced this at all, but I have not used the basswood. Did you utilize auto focus and Proofgrade cut settings? Will you share a photo of your box?

Thanks for the quick reply! I am using the default Proofgrade settings from the QR code and don’t see any option for autofocus…

Here are two photos showing how the two pieces for the handle don’t hold each other

Mine have some “play” in the top knob, but there is no way I could dissemble once everything is snapped in place. Your joints seem to stick out a little further than the example (and mine). I wonder if the basswood is thinner than some of the other plywoods. I don’t have an answer.

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I think it may be. I’ll retry with the proofgrade maple!


I’m curious about your attempt with Maple – leaving this open so we can learn more!

Do you have the ability to measure your materials quite accurately? If so, I’d be interested to know the thickness of the basswood that you used.


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