Snap! Faster Cameras: 10/30/17 Latest Improvements


Is it just me or is that link redirecting to
(And going to latest improvements isn’t showing the post above)


@rita That doesn’t seem to be linking to the update. It just takes me to my account page.

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Try this:

Try again please?


Working now.


Is this just an improvement in speed, or are there any other improvements we should expect to see out of the cameras with this update?

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Excellent. Looking forward to seeing it in action!
Thank you team :sunglasses:

I do hate when I close the lid, walk 3 rooms back to the computer, and it’s still not updated. This should help! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Just speed.

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I don’t know anything about your setup, but you can usually get an even bigger improvement by improving the signal between your wifi access point and your Glowforge.

I took some timing measurements this morning as a baseline. 16 seconds after the lid was closed the image was updated on my bed picture. Of course that would be dependent on internet speed and connection. Took 4 measurements. All 16 seconds after the lid closed.

This afternoon I powered down and logged off. Powered up and took new measurements 10 minutes later. I have no idea whether the update has made it to my machine or not. But the afternoon timing is consistently 11 seconds after the lid closes. Somewhat shorter than that from when it takes a picture (maybe 8 seconds) but I figured lid closing was a better starting point.

Remember this is all completely anecdotal evidence. Also my internet speed/connectivity never varies. On fiber with only 8 homes on my leg of the switch.

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My setup’s pretty blazing. Awesome Nighthawk wireless connecting me to 200 Mb to the world. Most of the time the bed image updates before I make it back to my seat. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Ha! Fun testing. It never takes it so long that I’ve ever wanted to know the answer. But hopefully this update won’t even make it cross anybody’s mind anymore :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the confirmation.

FWIW, there’s a fair amount of blather on the intertubes about how some lag is the result of the big buffers people put in routers to deal with lag. I wonder if that’s part of it. (I know that the webcam on the raspberry pi I use to monitor my 3D printer takes about 5-10 seconds to update its pictures, even though it’s on an ethernet right next the the computer that’s waiting for the image.)

When I play a game my lag time is measured in milliseconds, dunno if I buy the router buffer explanation.