Snap marks- scanning for them then scan disappears

I know it’s beta but I wasn’t sure where to put this.

Snapmarks have been working great, I think it’s one of the best new features hands down. This morning though it seems when trying to use them on a file I was using fine for the last two days the glow forge will start to scan then 20 seconds later the scanning message will go away and it does not align or give another message.

Ok this seems to be happening if the GUI removes text with the “We can’t process text” and We have removed text message. The file didn’t have any text showing that was actually removed but removing that art file seems to have fixed the issue. Hope this helps someone else.


Support cannot assist us with Snapmark issues at this time.


edit: @Tom_A beat me to the response; but he is quite correct…

Hey @tekwiz33, the best place for discussion of all things snapmark is in this thread:

Because it is in beta still, the customer support team isn’t set up to address any problems with it. There are lots of folks with quite a bit of experience that are fairly responsive on that discussion.

It looks like you sorted out your problem? If you hit any more snags, though, discussion there. And you can see what pro tips others have shared, too.


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