Snap Marks

Hey gang, I was just thinking to my self “hey do I have snap marks on beamer?”

so I fired up the GFUI, beamer is NOT on. and the magnet is not lit up. however is that because the unit is OFF? or because I don’t have it?

thanks. it will be hours before I get home tonight and was just wondering.



I’m told you have to have the GF on for stuff to update, so you cannot tell from the GFUI on a machine that has been off since before the update.

Snapmarks aren’t a firmware update to the machine. They just require a browser refresh to appear, if enabled.

If you have the icon, your machine is enabled.

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I wasn’t clear. the magnet shows up, hitting it with the mouse says" machine unavailable."

I didn’t know if that was because they don’t like me and I don’t have snap marks.

which would be a bummer as I have 2 gross of pencils

NOW that was a bit of GREAT NEWS!

thanks for the heads up.

That is good to know. Still sad that I am not seeing.

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