Snap Pyramid Box

Does anyone have a saved svg file for a snap together pyramid? Trying to avoid cutting several triangles and just gluing them together so that I can make something more sturdy.


Pyramids come in a few shapes. Are you looking for a square base like Egypt or a tetrahedron, like platonic?

Also what size?

Also do you need a bottom?

Also what material do you intend to use? Depth of fingers to snap will matter.

My point is that once you sort out all these answers, the chances that anyone will have a “plonk, you’re good to go” match is pretty low. I would suspect that omdifying anyone else’s file will be about as much effort as making your own.

The good news: if you’re making a tetrahedron, and don’t need a bottom, it’s as easy as cropping the corners of a generated box. Box generators can be used to make a pyramid of arbitrary size with custom material thickness and kerf adustment as you see fit. Just make a cube box with the sides as long s you want your pyramid sides to be, and you’re nearly done.

If you need a bottom, it gts a little more annoying, but I think you can work that out.


My plan is to make a millennium puzzle from Yu-Gi-Oh! I would prefer to have a square base, just to make everything more sturdy and put together.

We are still debating on the type of material to use, but will probably go with plywood since it is easy to cut and engrave the patterns that we will need to use. I’m not looking for anything huge, but roughly 5" tall from top point to the base of the pyramid.

I’m not really expecting someone to have an exact match to what I am looking for, but more so tips on how to go in this direction. I’m still learning how to use Illustrator and am not having much luck with figuring out how to use the vector lines in GlowForge for cut vs engrave patterns.

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