Snap together box?

while trying out my GF I made the snap together box. It didn’t cut all the way through on some parts so I broke the prongs off on the 2 parts that had them while trying to separate them. I remade those parts only by deleting the other sides from the design. Is there a way to get the file back with all the sides on it? when I open it now it only has the sides with the prongs. Thanks!

Click on the 3 dots on the GFUI, then click on Design Details, then Reset Design. This only works for catalog designs.

Otherwise, the GFUI only remembers what you did last. You can always use the back arrow key on the GFUI to go back to your original upload file as well, but you must do this before you close the file (in respect to one of your own uploads).


Thank you so much! I had issues getting my GF to cut all the way through draftboard but I finally have it dialed in. I went to make the box with acrylic only to find I only had 2 parts instead of 6. :smiley:

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It’ll get easier! Practicing a lot first helps - so you get to know your machine! Enjoy!


For future reference you can tell the GFUI to ignore the steps that you don’t want to redo or if there are multiple components in a single step but you only need to redo some of them you can just drag the ones you don’t want to redo to where they are at least partially outside the print area in the GFUI and the GF will ignore them. That way you can keep all of the pieces of your design together while selectively printing only what you need.


If you make a copy before going in you can mess up all you want and only mess up the copy. This only works with your own design otherwise you have to use reset design which is available on that design.

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Thanks! I didn’t know about dragging them off to the side.


Thanks for the great help, @arh2!

I’m glad you were able to resolve this particular problem. I see we’re already working with you via email regarding your cut through trouble. I’m going to close this thread, and we can continue troubleshooting there.