Snapmark believer

Snapmark nailed this project for. Perfect placement.


What did you use Snapmark for? That looks smaller than the bed. Did you do multiple engraves?

That is a fixed size tile so I am guessing that the op used the snapmarks ruler to make perfect alignment on it.


Yeah, look at the margins around that score that frames the skyline. Perfect. :sunglasses:


Looks like the frame & waves are blue–so likely did those first & colored the etched area, then did the rest in a second pass!

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I love it when a plan comes together

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Actually did the engrave all at once. Then a light coat of black sharpie wiped really well. Then gold sharpie on all but the water - used a medium blue sharpie for that! All told - 2 minutes for snapmark to do its business, 10 minutes to engrave, and maybe 5 minutes of sharpie time. Very simple to accomplish.


Sorry if I’m being dense but I’m still not sure how you used Snapmark.

My best guess: You created a jig with a Snapmark marker then used the jig to align the tile. I’m I getting close?

That’s it. You can see the jig in the background.


Got it, thanks. I haven’t tried the feature yet and my understanding was for using it with the pass through which this obviously does not need. That’s where I got confused.

So then, if I’m understanding it, you can create a jig with the mark and just toss it on the bed and have it align correctly for future work. (When used with correct files, etc.)

Snapmarks were from my understanding developed through the work they are doing for the pass through software, but released as a means to create reusable jigs. Anyone using it for passthrough is using it for beyond its intended purpose (that’s not to say, you can’t make it work well with passthrough, because you can. Print and cut also works excellent with snapmark)


Nice tile!