Snapmark Height Relative to Material


I recently posted this question about Snapmark placement on the jig:

My next question is about Snapmark height relative to the material. If I place my 3/4" thick cheeseboard blanks in my Snapmark jig (I’ve already accounted for removing the honeycomb etc), the surface that I am engraving will be 5/8" higher than the Snapmarks themselves. That’s a problem, right?

I can’t find any info on how close on the Z plane the Snapmarks need to be relative to the material being engraved. I appreciate your help. Thanks!


Snap to the jig height. If you want to set a different focus for the height of the material in the jig, set up a separate Focal Point in the Engrave operation in the thumbnail column, after the snap.

And since the Snapmarks are still in Beta, the place to ask questions about using them or get help with it is on this thread:


If I understand correctly the Snapmarks can be a different height than your material to be engraved but keep in mind that the lid image could be wildly off.

Make sure the material height entered is correct for the Snapmarks, otherwise the S/W may not find them. Make sure the Focus height is correct for your material.


This is the key instruction that I didn’t fully understand. Meanwhile, what I ended up doing before understanding this is making the Snapmark jig and the material the same height. That seems to have worked.

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I’m only about 90% sure that the material height is a variable used in finding the Snapmarks. The S/W needs to properly dewarp the lid image to find the Snapmarks.

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