Snapmark jig, different height than material to be engraved?

Hi all,

I ordered some PG Medium thickness draft board to create a jig in order to do a set of aluminum cards. One thing I’m getting stuck on is how to ensure Snapmark alignment stays true with these different thicknesses.

Aluminum Cards: .8mm thick, 86x54mm
Draft board: 1/8th inch thick, 12x20"

My SVG was built in Illustrator, and it contains:
Snapmarks (they’re being picked up by the machine)
Jig rectangles at 86.1x54.1mm
Grid of 86x54mm designs for the cards. (So I can engrave 20 at a time)

My jig cuts to size matching Illustrator mm’s perfectly (86mmx54mm), the cards snap into the jig perfectly. However, when I went to do the run to engrave them, the alignment was off by about half an inch.

I believe this is because the aluminum cards are a different height than the jig. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Should I have my material thickness still set to 1/8th inch, but my focal point for my artwork set to .8mm? Is there some other set of settings I should be using for that?

Thank you!

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Yes, you’re on the right track… discussed in detail here:


I took a look through there and couldn’t find the exact answer I was looking for, other than he mentions to just re-use the cutouts, with the cards attached to them, maybe that’s a good idea. If I can’t get that to work, is this the correct process?

  1. Cut snapmarks/jigs, remove cutouts. (at 1/8th inch material thickness)
  2. Leave material thickness, ignore snapmarks/jigs, enable engrave step.
  3. Set engrave step focus point to .8mm, leaving material at 1/8th inch thickness.
  4. Start snapmark finding process
  5. Print once found?
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It’s in there. When you snap, you use the material height for the jig. When you engrave, you over-ride the height manually to set the engraving focal point depth.


I think I’m good. I’m not sure what caused the mis-alignment the first time, but I re-did them and it’s find now.


I’ve never had to enter height/thickness in material settings for snapmarks to work for me. I usually run the snapmarks alignment before entering material height. Sometimes I never even enter material height.

I do like to keep my snapmarks as close to surface level as possible, but generally this is because I like my jigs to be the same thickness as the item.

The only time I’ve had issues when height comes in to play is snapmarks below bed level. I haven’t gotten those to work, but understandably so, as the head cam is too far away to read them clearly.

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