Snapmarks and Sleepmode

There’s a minor oversight in the sleep mode. While it’s a fine feature, there’s nothing preventing it from kicking in while the app is searching for snapmarks to align the artwork. Not a huge deal, but it is a minor annoyance and easily remedied.
The addition of a few lines of code at the beginning of the subroutine to search for snapmakrs that would trigger the “wake up” the same as opening the lid would prevent this from happening.



Thanks for letting us know! Can you let me know the time and date this happened last so we can look into this further?


Just a suggestion, but some technical forums where people encounter problems and need help will have a sticky explaining what information would be helpful in the report. Some wont even address it unless the request has complied.
Seems like that would help the support team out. :+1:

Sorry for the delayed response.
Not sure of the exact time but I believe it last happened last Wed or Thurs, so March 27th or 28th. It shouldn’t be hard to replicate if I didn’t provide enough information. I’ll make sure to note the day/time the next time it happens and update this thread if it is still open.

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03/31/2019 @ 14:27. Was scanning for snapmarks when the GF went into idle mode. It still found the marks this time, but there’s also lots of ambient light in the room at the moment.


Thank you for that additional information. I will let the team know so we can help improve the experience with these features.

I’m going to close this thread - if you have more feedback, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!