Snapmarks or not any more?

Can you still use them? I will get my GF tomorrow.

Also how thick of acrylic can you cut in your experience?

Many thanks for your help from Sweden

Congratulations on the arrival of your Glowforge and welcome to the forum.

Snapmarks were only a beta release and are no longer supported, but they have been replaced by much improved alignment tools available on all machines. I have not tried to cut acrylic any thicker than about 1/4". With multiple passes, it may be possible to cut much thicker pieces, but the melting factor would be something to address.

The search function of this forum is a great tool, and you will find years of experience and knowledge. Machine settings for non Proofgrade materials are limited to the Beyond the Manual section and it is in that section that you will find information regarding thick acrylic.


If one has it they can still use it. At this time Snapmark is not being rolled out. My non-authoritative surmise is that it will be replaced with something even better in the (hopefully not distant) future. But fear not… While some could really use it, most do not have it. Machine’s completely usable without it.

I cut 1/2" cleanly. I cut 3/4", but not completely clean. I didn’t bother flame polishing it, but I’m fairly certain it would have cleaned up nicely.


I have successfully cut 1" - it took ~8 passes. I was engraving as well so it had lots of time to cool between cuts. I would not suggest trying that for anything you want to do a lot of.


Always be sure to WATCH it when you are cutting thick acrylic! Don’t take your eyes off it and wander off…there have been several cases of thick acrylic igniting and setting fire to the machine. Some people claimed they were only gone for a few minutes.


Interesting. Took me 15 passes to get through the 3/4", but I was doing them right after each other. Kept getting melting. Never thought of spacing out the runs! Good thing I’ve got a nice slab of 3/4" left! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your interest in Snapmark. Unfortunately it is no longer available for additional customers to receive access. We recently announced that we’ve stopped work on Snapmark but more importantly, that the work on Snapmark enabled us to provide the new lid camera calibration tool.

It looks like you’ve gotten some great answers from the community on cut thickness as well.

I’m going to close this thread, but feel free to start a new one if any other questions arise.