Sneak Peak

I am working with the company that makes the 3D printers that I use to bring a new product to the US market. Due to its size it is expensive to ship, so we are gearing up for production in the US. Part of that is to develop a little personalized marking for the printers assembled here in the US. DSC_0047

Preorders start soon, with the first units shipping in late September.


Nice blending of the flags in the logo! :grinning:


Nice sign! Just curious, what is the product your bringing to market? I love hearing about product development, etc. :smiley:

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Cool! Keep us posted—most folks here like new gear.


Very nice sign! Looking forward to hearing more!

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google searches don’t look very good care to give us some insight here?

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The US marketing was supposed to go live yesterday but we found some typos. The UK product page is here:

Very impressive looking machine

was thinking you might want to respond to the first several hits being somewhat negative as that will give you more positive chatter than negative eventual on your google search results.

I must be using a different search; all my results are the marketing from the UK. Second page is from our own forum, and those users concerns have already been addressed to my knowledge.
If you have specifics I will address as I can.

The actual sale page is live now:

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Congratulations. A little outside what my piggy bank can take at the moment, but I hope you do well.

Thanks! We sold one already, so hopefully it is the start of a rush on them. :slight_smile:

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