Sneeze guard help

Has anyone made a sneeze guard for a company? My husband needs one for his work countertop. I’m looking for a design idea or a way to create the file.

I think your biggest obstacle will be size.

Sneeze guards are generally big rectangles… professional plastics and others sell acrylic in custom cut shapes for reasonable prices. Might be a good option?

One idea/solution

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thank you

I’m trying to figure this out for our office. They’re very expensive to buy pre-made. I would like to create just the feet to hold the sheets. I don’t work with acrylic at all but I’m wondering if 1/8" would be sufficiently strong to make some of them 36" tall and some 48" tall. E-street Plastics has excellent prices for their sheets that are the heights I need. I would probably keep it simple and leave the whole bottom up a bit for payments (like the photo) instead of cutting holes by hand. It’s really hard for me to visualize what I need so I supposed there will have to be a lot of trial and error.


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