"SNES Classic Edition" available for preorder

Alternative thread title: “Hey look at this thing!”

I know there’s a bunch of us here who enjoy a snifter of video game every now and then so I figured I’d pass this along. If this is like every other product Nintendo has ever released it’ll be completely sold out way before the release day and remain that way for months. So if you might want one, now’s the time to order.



Wal-Mart’s site is currently experiencing “technical difficulties.” Coincidence? I think not.


A Facebook friend of mine who is stationed overseas makes these little guys, which have an emulator and literally every video game ever made all ready to go. I’ve got about 4000 games from a bunch of old systems all in one tiny cartridge. It’s rad.


That is very cool. Does he make these for a European market also?

I have 2 SNES classic (EUR) on pre-order. 1 in case any of my friends don’t get to buy one or simply is too late. I don’t care about NES games but 16bit (SNES) is where all my classics live.

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i always have mixed feelings about those. i think they’re cool to make but selling them is 100% illegal.


I was too late. Sold out everywhere. Dang!

Oh yeah, I know. In this particular case tho, I just don’t care. :rofl: Nintendo has gotten many, many thousands of dollars out of me over the decades, and they’ll be fine if I relive my childhood a little (and I’m not going to hunt down and re-buy all those old games so that I can play them for 10 minutes anyway).


oh 100% agreed. my only issue is when people sell them and act like they’re freedom warriors lol.


:smile: Agreed. The guy I got it from couldn’t have charged too much more than all the components cost, it was quite cheap.

Too bad you can’t get chrono trigger with it.


if you google Retro Pi in NES cartridge you will find a bunch of videos showing you how to make one of these. All you need is a Raspberry Pi Zero and an old cartridge. It is basically the same setup i run in my mini arcade case in made.

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Welp, seems as though Wal-Mart done messed up when they put this up for preorder so all the orders have been canceled. Oh darn.

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