Snooker "D"

Just had our pool table recovered after replacing the bumpers. Asked for them to mark the table for Snooker. After two weeks they still hadn’t solved the request. I called them and said I’d do it myself. Black sharpie and the Glowforge save us from another day without Snooker. (Had only played once in my life, but my husband wanted to use those expensive Belgium Snooker balls).


Hey, that’s an excellent practical cut! Well done! I’ve only ever played snooker once in my life too - it was fun.


Ooooh! That took some serious courage! Even with a Glowforge guide I’d be afraid I’d wander off the lines with the marker! (Perfect job!) :sunglasses::+1:


Hey, now you can hire yourself out as a reliable snooker marker that will do the job! Shame on them for standing you up.


there are a couple guys I follow that draw all over their tables for drills.

I am way to chicken to do that with simonis cloth. when the passthrough is rocking I’m going to make acryclic ball placers. :slight_smile:


I had never heard of snooker until a trip to Sheffield, UK. Evidently it is very big there. We were frequently asked if we were there for the snooker tournaments :laughing:


It is big everywhere, except the US. It has some of the highest tv viewership rankings.


when I was in college the snooker tables usually didn’t have a wait so we played that.

I prefer regular billiards.

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Very Nice

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That’s awesome!
When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time in the Pool Hall… Yeah, I was that kid.
Anyway, the owner of the pool hall claimed me and my two partners in crime were his favorite customers…mainly because we watched the place for him in the afternoon in trade for free games, while he would take a break. As a “reward”, he asked us what we would like to see him get for the place. Having only ever played a couple of time due to the sad lack of availability of the proper equipment in the area, I suggest a snooker table.
He got us a true snooker table complete with the “straight” pockets…much harder game than straight billiards, but we practiced until we were pretty darned good.
Haven’t played in years, but would love to.


I’ll take you up on that.

I used to play competitively in the UK. Still used my solid ash cue when I competed in pool leagues here.


When I get moved home, I’m going to order the slate, and build a custom table… I’ve always wanted to try to build a weatherproof table that can be used outdoors. I think finding something with the characteristics of felt in a weatherproof fabric is going to be my downfall, though.

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Yeah, the nap of the felt is critical to ball control. They don’t just roll along the surface.

You brush it before every game to get it laying the right way…

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I had a buddy that “refelted” his table with a heavier cloth material…Would not accept English of any kind. Might as well have been playing with marbles and sticks.

Why outdoors? you mean like on a patio or on a porch?

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Exactly, for an outdoor gaming area near the pool.

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I have an indoor/outdoor ping pong table. unless you won’t have winters when you get home, it would kill me to have my table sitting out there and not being able to use it.

I got a diamond table last year. it is terrific.

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We don’t really have winters. We usually get like 6 cold days a year when you need a light jacket.


@arh2 I’ve now played twice! There is sure to be many more times in my future though!

@Jules Husband was worried that I wouldn’t like the new cloth marked up to begin with. Ha! $400 for the refelt job, so I was a bit nervous.

@cynd11 Not sure there are many tables to mark. Even the guides weren’t sold online for our size of table. In fairness, the shop had just decided he needed to have a “D” made for the task. It can also be done with a strip for a jig to hold the marker and center point. (That I was afraid of)!

@ca_worth Yes, it gives you pause to mark anything that is not easily replaceable.

@Pearl Did notice that it was big in the UK, many more tutorials / You Tube out of there.

@robermar36 Sounds like a fun time. When dating my husband, we went to the billiards place all the time. Inexpensive fun. I played Snooker on a real Snooker table when my husband went to Ball State. They had one at the rec hall.

My Dad loved Snooker. Wish he was still here to play a game. Even with the wrong pockets. This is a 5’ x 10" 1908 Brunswick. It has a 3" slate. We picked it up for $200 many years, and two moves ago. Had a cabinet maker match a replacement leg for $80 right after getting it. Husband removed the veneer on the sides, as it was pretty banged up. We’ve enjoyed it, just wish it had fit in a room upstairs. It’s located in the unfinished basement.


Oh, and that’s a bad miss!

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