Snowflake Ornament (another remix)


I saw this on Thingiverse and it looked simple enough to just drop in some acrylic and go. Then I took a look at the file… I mean no offense whatsoever to the original author: coming up with the design is the part that seems like magic to me. But these vector drawing programs are highly technical, and if you’re focused more on the art than on the data model, it’s pretty easy to create some weird paths. I spent a couple of hours trying to remove the glitches before realizing I could just draw the same thing from scratch in 10 minutes. Three cheers for Creative Commons allowing me to do that and re-share it. Here’s my version:

All in all, it was a good learning experience. Another decade or so of this, and I might be able to spend less time scrolling through the Illustrator help files and swearing at the screen.


Turned out nice! Should play well with the lights.


Lovely!! Thanks for sharing the design! :+1:


I just uploaded a new version that has tabs to help align the pieces.


Oh, cool! Thanks for this!


Very pretty in clear acrylic! :+1:


Oh man… I’ve been a CAD guy and vector artist/illustrator for 25 years… those oddball paths and non-closing/non-watertight curves drive me up the wall. The worst is when two lines appear to intersect but actually don’t because whoever drew them just eyeballed it even though all the programs have snap functions to make it exact. It literally takes more time and more effort to screw it up than do it properly. LOL.

Unedited DXF exports however are a different story. argh.


Nicely done! I added to the collection of thing I need to make.


What a pretty little ornament. Thanks for the share, the remix, and the post to Thingiverse!


I have a chef friend who will loudly explain that it takes as much effort to make food taste bad as it does to make it taste good.


Yeah but people who put the effort in to cook something often can’t even tell it tastes bad. :slight_smile:


He has to use that on people paid to cook and sadly you’re correct.


Thanks for sharing!
I’ve purchased designs from shutterstock and have to go through and correct it. One good thing is that I’m getting better at AI, so all is good.