Snowflake Ornament


Was testing out some 1/8" plywood and decided we needed another ornament so I found a nice Star Wars design to play with.

A little paint and of course glitter makes everything better :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for the week of 04-DEC-16

Glitter!!! That’s delightful!


Ha! That’s great :slight_smile:


That’s great! Excellent use of imagery :grin:


Nice! I’ve always liked snowflakes, even one filled with imperial scum. :wink:


Awesome! :smiley:


As a starwars fan :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee:


Lol glitter much like bacon makes everything over the top


I agree


Very nice!


I was a custodian in a past life so I believe glitter makes everyone unhappy, but I think this looks fantastic!


That ornament is a job for the laser head to cut the main piece out, inkjet to get the pinkish (maybe light colored wood is used for whitish parts,) then the 3d printer head for that translucent edge.



So simple, yet so inspiring! The Empire will surely be very proud of you!


Looks great. Very cool thanks for sharing.

Hehe yes paint and glitter make everything betters :hugs:


Now that’s a Christmas ornament my boys would get behind. Love the design!


Perfect! Lasers and Star Wars! Pew! Pew! :slight_smile:


Really love how this turned out! Great work. :sunglasses: